Who We Are

We are a wellness company with over 30 years of experience in healthcare. We specialize in natural products, particularly those made with CBD extracted from hemp. Our collection of CBD products offers users a full spectrum of options to promote their overall well-being in a completely natural way.

We control the production of our oils, edibles, and other CBD products, starting with the extraction of CBD on our organic farm in North Carolina. This is our way to ensure our CBD products are formulated with only the purest extracts. Furthermore, each of our formulas is tested by ISO-certified third-party laboratories, guaranteeing that our CBD products comply with all industry regulations and meet the highest standards for quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Mission & Vision

At Oliver’s Harvest, we believe everyone deserves to be the healthiest version of themselves. That is why our mission is to make the natural benefits of hemp more accessible to the public. We do this by offering a wide array of educational resources as well as high-quality, affordable hemp products made with the best natural ingredients. We are proud to provide our customers with the best CBD hemp oil products and promise that our customer’s health will always be our foremost concern.





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