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CBD Bundles

Our hemp-infused CBD bundles are an easy way to incorporate the full benefits of CBD into your daily routine. These CBD starter kits come with different products containing Oliver’s Harvest natural hemp CBD extract.

Like the rest of our CBD products, our hemp bundles have been manufactured using the safest and most effective methods. The CBD in our products has been formulated by licensed pharmacists and tested by third-party laboratories to ensure each of our products contains the best ingredients and is entirely safe for consumption.

  • Active Bundle

    Capsaicin Cream
    Joint Support Supplements
    1000 mg Orange Tincture

    $202.75$162.20 / month Select optionsView Product
  • Anxiety and Stress Bundle

    Melatonin Tablets
    400 mg Gummies
    1000 mg Orange Tincture

    $177.50$142.00 / month Select optionsView Product
  • Diabetes Bundle

    Diabetic Supplements
    Pain cream with capsaicin

    $118.00$94.40 / month Select optionsView Product
  • Pet Bundle

    Joint Care

    Bacon Tincture

    $90.75$72.60 / month Select optionsView Product
  • Sweet Tooth Bundle

    400 mg Gummies
    Honey Stix  7- Pack

    $49.49$39.59 / month Select optionsView Product
  • Wellness Bundle

     500 mg Orange Tincture
     400 mg Gummies
     Honey Stix 7-Pack

    $108.99$89.19 / month Select optionsView Product

What Are CBD Bundles

It’s hard to watch your pet dealing with joint pain. Your pet is an important part of your family. This bundle is made for your beloved pet. It contains the PetTest Joint Care supplement that will help to prevent and slow down arthritis, alleviate pain and inflammation, and thus provide extra energy! The Pet Tincture will maintain your pet’s health.

CBD Kits for a Complete CBD Experience

Oliver’s Harvest CBD bundles offer a complete CBD experience for those looking to fully incorporate CBD into their daily routines. While our bundles are ideal for experienced users looking to enhance their CBD experience, these bundles are also an excellent choice for those who are completely or relatively new to CBD. Our Sweet Tooth Bundle and Wellness bundle, in particular, offer an excellent option for hemp newbies. These bundles come with our delicious fruit-flavored CBD gummies and our natural CBD honey sticks. Our Wellness Bundle also includes Oliver’s Harvest signature orange flavored oil for those who prefer a tangy sensation rather than hemp’s natural, earthy taste. 

What is the Best CBD Bundle for You?

If you are not sure which of our CBD kits is right for you, we encourage you to learn more about each of our products by visiting their individual product pages. You can also navigate through our blog section to learn about our products and find more information about the benefits of CBD. You are also encouraged to message or call our customer service team. We are always happy to help, regardless of your level of experience with CBD. If you have never consumed CBD before, we also recommend consulting with a medical professional prior to making a purchase.

How to Use CBD Daily Products

Oliver’s Harvest CBD products are convenient and easy to use. Our oils can be taken sublingually or mixed into different foods and beverages such as salads or smoothies. Meanwhile, our CBD capsules and hemp gummies are easy to digest, thanks to their familiar consumption method and our gummies’ delicious flavor. For the best results, we recommend the daily use of CBD regardless of your preferred method.

How to Measure a CBD Daily Dose

Because every person has different wellness needs, there is no standard dose for CBD. At Oliver’s Harvest, we recommend starting with the directions on the back of each product and gradually working your way up until you achieve the desired results. 

Are Hemp Products in Oliver’s Harvest Bundles Legal?

In 2018, the federal government approved the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act, which legalized industrial hemp nationwide. As a result, all products made using hemp-derived extracts are now available nationwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have trouble with drug tests using CBD?

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Does CBD get me high?

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What is CBD?

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What is the Endocannabinoid System?

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What is Hemp?

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