Interview With Oliver’s Harvest CEO - Oliver's Harvest

Interview With Oliver’s Harvest CEO

30 Years of Excellence
30 Years of Excellence

Interview With Oliver’s Harvest CEO


Oliver’s Harvest is a health and wellness pioneer bringing over 30 years of healthcare industry experience to the forefront of its highly successful hemp-extracted CBD products lineup and its customer-centric business model.

Recently, Oliver’s Harvest CEO Victor Velazco talked about the changing landscape of the CBD industry, the company’s commitment to ensuring quality and transparency to its customers, new products in the pipeline, and his vision for company’s future.

What Was the Motivation Behind Establishing Oliver’s Harvest?

Our founder Frank Suess has been in the healthcare industry since 1989. He has been in many industries throughout the years, including durable medical equipment, pharmacy, the diabetic supply business and oxygen supply. But you know, his main business has always been about helping customers and putting them first.

When hemp was legalized, after the 2018 Farm Bill passed, we started looking into CBD and decided to establish the company in 2018. And even though that was just a short two years ago, there were a lot of limitations and stigma to the product even though it comes from the hemp plant and contains little or no THC.

Frank was born in Germany where there were many stores for traditional medicine and hemp products were used for many things. Where I’m from, Cuba, traditional medicine is very well known and something that most of the nation is very familiar with. As a matter of fact, when somebody’s sick that’s usually the first thing that they turn to. So, when we saw all the benefits that the hemp plant and CBD oil provided, we definitely wanted to go for it and establish Oliver’s Harvest.

What is the Company’s Mission?

The well-being of our customers has always come first. We pride ourselves in providing not only an excellent customer service but also in the manufacture of high-quality products backed by decades of industry experience. We are happy to stand behind a company that really does provide health and wellness products that we believe will make people feel better naturally. This is well reflected in our highly reviewed products on our web pages.

We are in business to make CBD more available to the world and more readily available to anyone who wants to explore the many health and wellness benefits it provides. Based on our observations, more people have been wanting to buy CBD and try it each year because they’re seeing and reaping the benefits of it.

As a society, we become more dependent on prescription drugs. If you are sick with this ailment or that, here’s a prescription for this medication. And that’s where our society has turned to when they get sick. For example, there are so many TV commercials advertising medications with 20 side effects. It’s crazy how many side effects some of the pharmaceutical medications can have when as an alternative, a product coming from the hemp plant can have so many different benefits.

We are razor-focused on putting our customers first and producing products that may help people find relief from many ailments without the unwanted side effects of prescription medications. As more research goes into the benefits of hemp-derived CBD and all the beneficial properties the hemp plant provides, we’ll be ready to produce the products are customers demand.

What Is Your Main Product Lineup and Who Should Buy Oliver’s Harvest Products?

Our focus on the product line has always been more of a medical focus. We have our oils and tinctures, topicals,gummies, and our supplements. Recently,  we just launched our Grab & Go products online. They are resealable packets containing a smaller quantity of CBD products for customers to put in their laptop bags, backpacks and pocketbooks. We wanted to provide a way for our busy customers to have CBD on the go anywhere without having to carry the full bottle.

As I mentioned before, our focus has been mostly on the medical aspect of CBD. A lot of our customers come to us because they’re suffering from pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, or they have insomnia. However, we also have a wholesale business whereby our customers tend to be doctors’ offices, pharmacies, DME providers, massage clinics and other commercial companies that want to carry the natural products we manufacture for their clientele.

What Steps Does Oliver’s Harvest Take to Maintain Quality and Transparency?

We are always working on our formulations to make sure that they’re effective, safe and free of impurities. We have independent third-party labs test every batch of CBD oil and we publish the lab results on our website for everyone to see.

We’ve been very transparent with our product quality since the very start. We make sure our labels are fully compliant with state and federal regulations. Our labels clearly indicate the contents within our packaging and have QR codes. Our labs prove that our products are as advertised. Some companies will say you are buying a product that is 500MG CBD but may only contain 300MG or less, which is way off. So, our lab results have been very accurate as to us delivering what we’re advertising.

Do You Have Your Own Farms or Do You Buy Materials From Other Sources?

We own our organic farm and an extraction facility, both located in Asheville, North Carolina. We control the entire process.  We organically grow the hemp and process it naturally without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

When we extract CBD oil from our hemp plants, we use winterized, triple-filter extraction methods that produce a better tasting product with a higher CBD content and much more. That’s how we can produce and guarantee a superior product at the end of the manufacturing process. At Oliver’s Harvest it’s important that we have control of the product from seed to oil.

What Is the Company’s Vision for the Future?

More and more people nowadays are being more conscientious of what they’re putting into their bodies. So, they’re looking more for natural products and you know, CBD is something they turn to. We keep on improving our formulas for oils and all our other products making them better if we can.

We’re always researching ways new products can benefit our customer base and address different symptoms. To that end, we’ll keep expanding our herbal supplement line. We currently have products that address stress, provide support for diabetics, and people having trouble getting a good night’s sleep to name a few. Going forward, we will keep on formulating unique products to target different ailments that people have in order to provide them with relief in a more natural way.

In addition to working on expanding our consumer base, we plan on focusing more attention to the wholesale side of the business as well. We want to get products in more retail stores, pharmacies and larger chain stores ― generally expand our footprint in the marketplace. We plan on continuing manufacturing high quality products and continuing our commitment to transparency and compliance.

Education is actually a big part of our business. We also want to educate consumers on what CBD can do for them. We also want to wholesalers and retailers, so they understand what our products do for their customers. We also want to continue providing information on CBD in general, how to know that you have a good product, where to find the information, how to research, what lab reports look like ― we try to teach them all that so they can compare us to other companies as well.

Community involvement is also a big chunk of what we do as a company. We continue to offer special discounts to first responders and veterans. We also have a partnership with Noble Paws whereby we donate pet wellness products to shelters worldwide. We’re always trying to find natural alternative ways to balance health with community responsibility.

About Victor Velazco

Victor Velazco has been the CEO of Coast to Coast Natural, Inc. since its inception in May of 2018. Victor is very hands on when it comes to running all facets of business operations. He has a proven executive management track record in marketing and increasing sales, with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

 Driven by his vision, Coast to Coast Natural continues to expand its product line and nationwide sales to consumers and wholesale partners. Additionally, Victor continues to expand Oliver’s Harvest with features to enhance the experience of its continually growing clientele.

In conjunction with his role at Coast to Coast Natural, Victor serves as the VP of Operations for a group of mail-order pharmacies where he has grown as an executive over the past 13 years and implements the same visions of restoring health to their patients with safer alternatives.

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