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Can Dogs Have Human CBD?

Can Dogs Have Human CBD?   You’ve possibly tried CBD and found you really enjoyed it. So this begs the question: Can your dog have the same CBD products as you? This is exactly the question we are seeking to answer in this article.    What is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound in

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Can Puppies Have CBD?

Can Puppies Have CBD?   When we get a puppy, we often stress about providing them with the best of everything and ensuring they are happy. Apart from the environment we offer them, we also want to provide them with good nutrition and supplementation so they can live long, happy and healthy lives. So, where

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CBD and Puppies

Everything You Need to Know About CBD and Puppies

Everything You Need to Know About CBD and Puppies CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis plants. It has many benefits for humans. Some people are using CBD to treat their pets, including puppies. But is it safe? Can puppies have CBD, and if so, for what reasons? It turns out the answer

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Buying Local Has a Ripple Effect

Next time you consider buying CBD at your favorite vendor or website, take a moment to consider the benefits of buying local because there’s a good chance you’ll find great deals right in your own neighborhood. The arrival of COVID-19 has had devastating societal and economic effects around the world, but nowhere has it hit

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