Oliver’s Harvest CBD Patches – Menthol & Lidocaine

Oliver’s Harvest CBD Patches – Menthol & Lidocaine


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Oliver’s Harvest CBD Patches is an advanced infusion transdermal CBD delivery system that combines pure cannabidiol with lidocaine and menthol for maximum efficacy.
CBD patches are an excellent alternative to delivering CBD to the body with benefits that include ease of use, long shelf life, time-release delivery, avoidance of the digestive tract and metabolism by the liver

THC Free
Hemp Oil Extract (Cannabidiol), 40 mg
Lidocaine, 3%
Menthol, 2%.

Volume: 3-pack (120 mg)
Concentration: 40 mg of CBD per container.
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Patch Dimensions: 5” w X 3“ h
Shelf Life: 24 months.


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